I’m Sorry, Did You Think We Were Going Somewhere?

To all of those who thought P.U.M.A. would drop off the face of the Earth after the Convention, I hate to burst your bubble but we’re not going anywhere. After that sham of a convention we are now more determined than ever. Having a fixed convention were Obama was just handed delegates he didn’t earn (that in no way reflected the votes of the people) especially in states he didn’t win is not going to cut it.  Did they really think they could get away with this? That we would just be happy that Hillary wasn’t given the legitimate roll call she DESERVED? Certainly not. The whole thing was sickening to watch.  This wasn’t America this was like an election in a 3rd world country.  And knowing that delegates were being intimidated from voting for Hillary didn’t help either. The biggest surprise was Arkansas. What happened there? Bill Gwatney signed a document the day before he was shot to give Hillary Clinton ALL the delegates from that state at the convention. That’s what his wife was suppose to do. Yet I sat and watched her announce that Arkansas was going to give ALL their delegates to Obama. As I watched her I noticed she didn’t’ look very happy and a bit nervous.  It was obviously something she didn’t want to do. Just like many delegates who cast a vote for Obama. Don’t let what you saw on TV fool you. The love fest for Obama was all for show. They were trying to make him look good. Behind the scenes people were angry.  No this fake roll call was the last straw. Our mission now is to make sure the Democratic Party is not rewarded for this treachery. Stealing votes, silencing voices and selecting a nominee doesn’t earn our votes. We will take back our party, restore Democracy and we will make sure Obama will not be president.


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  1. mesofreee Says:

    You said it sister!!

    I’m not going anywhere!

  2. Jo Says:

    Yes, we have to work very hard for McCain. I like the idea that someone started about donating to McCain (even just $1) and putting on the line where it says “friend who referred you” HILLARY CLINTON. We should blog this idea around and send to the media. Start a “Friends who Referred Me” campaign or something.

    Once we get McCain elected, we start on Hillary 2012 and perhaps our own Party but definitely cleaning up and getting rid of most DNC officials!

    We can’t let Obama take over this country. Electing McCain will keep us safe and secure until Hillary in 2012!

  3. Mrsawd Says:

    We still need to make as Much Noise as we can !
    It is Plain and Clear the whole Democratic Party has been shamed for ever ! This day will never go away in our History ! eems like they took womans rights aay today with the idnnorance of the selected and I will never Understand Hillary giving into the destruction of Our Country like this !

  4. Mrsawd Says:

    Seems like they took womans rights away today with the ignorance of the selected and I will never Understand Hillary giving into the destruction of Our Country like this !

    Had to fix errors for above post

  5. southernsista Says:

    More determined than ever. No longer is this about Hillary for me. It’s about how the Democratic Party removed democracy from the process. Even though I, like the MAJORITY of Dems, knew Hillary was the better candidate, and infinitely more qualified than Obama- an honest loss is an honest loss. You deal with it, no problem. But this was about as honest as a rigged slot machine in Vegas. Huey Long had nothing on Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, and the others – we all know who they are.
    You’re damn right. It is not over – not by a long shot.

  6. Pnevai Says:

    The DNC this year tossed aside all pretense that politivcal conventions are a legitmate election process. They completely smashed any notion that what goes on at a Democratic Convention is anything that has to do with the voters and the will of the democratic constituancy.

    This years Democratic Convention is a Show, nothing more than entertainment with less legitimacy than the Academy Awards! It is just a notch or two above Survivor but even less entertaining. It is a staged, rehersed act to make the less informed of the American Public believe that this is real and valid and that Democrat voters almost unanimously voted fro Obama.

    In past years the parties at least made serious attempts to make conventions look like legitimate election events, well for the first time in American history the DNC decided to shed any image of legitimacy and put on pure fiction.

    This has to be a wake up call, this convention is more like the comedy of election events hosted by countries like Pakistan, the fromer Soviet Union and other countries where the hoopla the public see is only a attempt to legitimize an otherwise preordained fixed political process.

    There were many on the stage tonight talking about freedom and the great political system in the United States. These same people made a joke of it all with the pure fantasy roll call vote. It is sad to see a day where American Idol has more legitimacy on broadcast television than the Democratic National Convention of 2008

  7. edgeoforever Says:

    And on top of it, NYT falsely reports even that meager number of delegates – as less

  8. tpt/ny Says:

    Is anyone EVER going to RELEASE the name of Bill G’s “shooter”??

  9. Kevin Says:

    How’d your PUMA convention go?

  10. candymarl Says:

    Me? Going somewhere?
    Well, I think I’ll go to the voting booth.

  11. crookedOcampaign Says:

    Pelosi Orchestrated this whole sham. This is where we begin. Oust Pelosi. She is a detriment to society and the health of America. Since she became Madame speaker, gas prices have tripled, groceries are through the roof and there are no new solutions to lingering problems. This will not change as long as she is the “third” person down in power as she says..president, vice president and speaker of the house…Get rid of her. Throw the bum out.
    And Cuban Amercicans who fled Cuba when this same coup happened to you in 1961..please keep talking and telling us your stories.

  12. crookedOcampaign Says:

    Another thing…Why is it that only the PUMAS are talking about this election hijacking? It must be obvious to others what came down. I mean people are walking around Denver ready to party and no one is in the party mood so the bars are empty. There is a connection to the hijacking and the lack of partying. Obama has so many people fooled that the Repubs need to hit it out of the park.

  13. Amy Says:

    Are you having a contingent in St. Paul? As an outside observer, it seemed awfully strange that the opposition to Obama just melted away—even Fox News failed to pick up on substantial dissatisfaction. What I did pick up on though was the incredible hubris of the Obama campaign–the Temple of Obama (Barackopolis) set in the middle of a Coloseum is hilarious. Someone interviews that Burton guy about it and told him what the Republicans were saying. He was NOT amused (am I the only one who has noticed that these Obama people have NO sense of their ridiculousness? Even I, an ardent McCain supporter, can see the humor in the 7 houses thing–and wasn’t it swell how McCain said: OK, let’s talk about houses and Tony Rezko)

    Anyway, you’d get a very public hearing in St. Paul. Republicans are NOT going to be interested in managing your silence.

  14. BMW60 Says:

    We will remember in November;

    Is it ok to nominate for President of the United States a man with virtually no experience on the national or international stage?
    · Do you find that it is in line with your moral standards that we nominate for President someone who found it acceptable to remain an active member of a church that espoused not only hateful rhetoric, but which elevated Louis Farrakhan to great heights, remembering that Farrakhan is a man who thinks Hitler was a “great man”.
    · Is it fine with you that we nominate for President an individual who has a history of associating himself not with one, but several different people who have been and/or currently are criminals and/or terrorists?
    · And, if the above is alright with you, is it also ok that we nominate for President a man who would minimize and/or claim innocence about these relationships?
    · Are you comfortable with nominating for President someone who has shifted their position on numerous key issues in a matter of weeks such that the number of shifts in the short amount of time is unprecedented for a Presidential candidate and would leave anyone wondering where they truly stand on any issue?
    · Can you ignore the fact that we nominate a person who, as a state senator, avoided controversial issues by voting “present” a disproportionately frequent number of times?
    · And, are you also able to ignore with any pangs or self-doubt the fact that we nominate someone who while a state senator, ignored the plight of impoverished individuals and families, most of whom were African American, living in deplorable, sub-standard housing conditions in his congressional district?
    · Should the above be alright with you, is it also ok that the Presidential nominee would have befriended the very person who was the slumlord of those housing units, and that he should accept seed money from this now convicted criminal in order to kick start his campaign?
    · Do you feel it shows integrity to make a commitment to an adored colleague and friend by the name of Alice Palmer and then break your word, obliterating her from the ballot back in 1996?
    · And what of nominating a man for President who during a press conference after winning his senate seat, tells the press corps and the American public, that he will not run for President, citing lack of experience and the need to begin such a campaign immediately upon becoming a senator, who then proceeds to run for President?
    TODAY, you can be exceptional by doing the thing we humans find it hard to do – reassess our positions, face challenging discrepancies between our values and our positions, and show unusual courage and bravery by privately and then perhaps openly acknowledging that a mistake has been made and a new day is here.

  15. WhatSuddenly Says:

    Thanks for your post, princess. It was a sham. What is the point of primaries if the votes don’t count?

  16. Laurie Says:

    I will never vote for Obama, I have never felt this sickened before about the process. When Gore was defeated by Bush I was angry and thought well the fix was in, I just didn’t believe it would happen again, esp. after all the election fraud that has happened in the past 2 elections. I believed that the Democratic party wouldn’t partake in that, boy was I wrong. this man scares me, and if i say that I am branded a racist, which I might add I have never been called before in my life. I will do what ever I can to not let him enter the white house.

  17. Andrea in FL Says:

    One would think after the Presidency was stolen from Al Gore, the ensuing result from a Bush Presidency would have scared the Dems silly. Obviously, we DON’T want to screw around with the will of the voters, because look what happened! They know who they want. What kind of a mess do they suppose an Obama reign will bring? So far, it’s divided their party; it will hurt America and what we stand for, and it will leave untold debt on our kids. This man is the anti-christ, in my book.

    I’ve been called a racist, too, by my husband! (He’s a ‘bot) The fool never considered my OB-GYN is a black woman. Why? Because she’s good at what she does! Obama is only good at making speeches and pretending to be The Messiah. BLECH!

    Everyone, it sucks more here in Broward County, Land of Chad.
    It’s devastating.

  18. johnni Says:

    Yes, I hope we can start a puma phone bank particularly for the swing states: Michigan, Florida, Ohio, PA, Wva, etc. Imagine what we could do if we got on the phones and spoke directly with voters.

    I truly believe phone banking will help us more than anything in terms of getting our message out. In that way we can reach people who are not online.

    I spent hours a day everyday calling for Hillary. I’m ready to do it in behalf of the PUMA Message: Country First!! Go Mac

  19. Hilma Towell Says:

    as a delegate that voted for Senator Clinton I felt betrayed when Obama(who refused to run in MI)was given 125 votes and Senator Clinton got a paltry 27—-just another kick in the rear.All I can say is I have found freedom from the DNC lackeys and am proud to be with PUMA.And I do not care if they call me unpatriotic or not.I have a grandson in Iraq that supports Mccain.He is smarter I have been.

  20. brae4zen Says:

    As a staunch former Dem, I too think we should have a contingency in Minn/St Paul. A very large, visible group. That would rub their f****** noses in it.

  21. Brad in CA Says:

    Class vs Sass.

    How much can the Obamabots dis Senator Clinton? Both she and Bill did what was expected of them, with class and decorum. They had no choice but to go down the lonely road of throwing their support to the DNC’s nominee, someone who is little more than a corrupt Chicago politician who dissed his mentor Alice Palmer to reach the State Senate and by legal trickery thwarted all opposition to his State Senate candidacy and then had little opposition in the general election for the U.S. Senate only two years ago.

    But two things stick out for me, both very symbolic, but possibly quite meaningful.

    The first was the time of the Messiah’s text messaging of his Veep choice — 3:00 AM. Was that dissing Clinton by playing to her television ad of who would you want answering the phone at 3 AM? Any comments?

    The second was James Carville’s wearing pumas during his commentary on Monday night. Go P.U.M.A.s.

  22. PUMA not going anywhere and still saying no to BO. « Puma Alliance Says:

    […] saw what you did. PUMA : Just Say No Deal will continue to witness, are not going anywhere and will still say NO to BO. If that means voting McCain, a Republican, just like Martin Luther […]

  23. JPatelis Says:

    PUMA today, tomorrow, November 5th and as long as necessary.

    Stay stong stay with your beliefs.

  24. Akron Armani Says:

    I donated to McCain and put Obama as the person who referred me … hehe

  25. Typical White Person Says:

    You can bet on NOBAMA speech at



  26. Ph.D. TU Says:

    OBAMA people say to me..cry me a river and get over it…I must admit it hurts…But let’s see who laughs last in NOV….sorry *ss opportunist with no resume…and a bigot with wright and phlegy. BTW, I am a black man and I am sick of….you are not black unless you vote OBAMA….MCCAIN is more American than OBAMA….MCCAIN’s story is more compelling compared to afirmative action coronation.

  27. c j Says:

    Go to the abc website and watch a reporter getting arrested by the dncc thugs

  28. c j Says:

    pure democracy at work!!! ABC what will you do????

  29. debra Says:

    I have been called a racist for not wanting Obama (I’m white and my husband is black – and he doesn’t want Obama either) I have lived in a black community most of my life and I KNOW about the kind of church that he and his wife were members of – I KNOW what they say about white people behind their backs – they aren’t about equality, they are about black supremacy. Those white people voting for him are just ignorant – they think they’re being hip.
    Unless someone can tell me some way to help put Hillary in office, I’m going to vote for McCain. Anybody?

  30. cookiegramma Says:

    I also reccommend the article at ABC about major Clinton Donors giving to McCain. Imagine us being in the same camp as the Donald! John McCain is a class act. I really like the ad he has put on the air for tonight. He meets and congratulates his opponant, and lets him know that after tonight they will again use words in battle.

  31. EMJ Says:

    I very much NObama but please use this opportunity to influence the McCain folks as well. If they oppose abortion, they should certainly SUPPORT increased funding for family planning — let the McCain folks know that we expect the big tent in include this.

    Also, in St. Paul on Tuesday, Sept. 2, Sally Pillsbury, a woman who is strongly pro-choice and a long-time Republican (tho she voted Kerry in ’04) is having an event for pro-choicers – a could place for Hillary people to discuss how to influence Repubs on this.

  32. EMJ Says:

    Here’s more:

    PUMAs – if you’re supporting McCain and will be in St. Paul read this about the Sept. 2 event and see the excerpt from the article pasted below:


    excerpt from article link above:
    . . .
    But this gathering has a purpose that goes way beyond the amusement of the well-heeled or the diversion of the delegates. It’s a fundraiser for a pair of organizations populated with old-line GOP social moderates — people who’ve been marginalized during the Bush-Cheney-Rove years, but maybe, just maybe, are on the verge of reemergence.

    It’s a serious bid for funds. The price of admission starts at $250.

    That’s because leaders of the two sister organizations (Sally and husband George among them) are serious in their belief that a moment of opportunity has dawned for their kind of Republicans. As the Bush era ends, the GOP’s course is changing, and they think that if their organizations push, the party — and the nation — can change in their direction.

    Sally Pillsbury’s pitch: “As our party has been taken over by conservatives, it has been losing votes — Republican votes. The people the party is losing are still Republicans. They still believe in the basic tenets of the party: small government, personal freedom and individual responsibility.”

    She may have been describing herself. Pillsbury’s preference for Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race — despite her family’s long personal and political association with the Bush family — was no secret. She was at odds with the president, who had once been a guest at her home, over social issues at the core of the Republican Majority for Choice, and more — wanton federal spending, a costly war producing too few gains.

  33. clem greco Says:

    the dnc ….dean and that sad excuse for a woman..

  34. Obama is a FRAUD Says:

    I am a conservative but let me say I too believe in your anger at what has happened.If the roll was reversed I would be doing what you are doing as well. I would rather support Hillary knowing she would have very well have beaten McCain than to have this radical phony in the position he is now in.You all must not give in to them,what they did was border line illegal. I truly believe that Hillary & Bill were threatened into doing what they did.They could not stand firm because everyone knows that Obama would have tried to destroy her political future. I welcome all of you Hillary supporters to vote McCain and then in 2012 I wish you all the luck when once again Hillary will run.

  35. Anne Marie Says:

    Hello, everybody!

    I am sitting here reading your posts, wearing my PUMA bracelet, and watching reruns of Hillary’s speech on You Tube. The t.v. is on, but I’m watching “Law and Order,” because I can’t bear to watch the “coronation” of Obama.

    I have been a loyal Democrat for 34 years, but I am so royally p***ed that I will change my registration to Independent if Obama ever enters the White House. In November, I will write Hillary in as my candidate. In my state of PA, the vote won’t count for her. Although I seriously considered voting for McCain so that Obama could really lose, I have changed my mind. The last time a woman was on a presidential ticket was 24 years ago (Ferraro/Montdale). If it takes another 24 years for a woman to be on that ticket, I might be dead. In the meantime, I can and will say that I voted for a woman for President, but she didn’t win. However, I didn’t want just any woman, anyway. I wanted Hillary. So did 18 million voters, and the DNC and Obama in their INCREDIBLE arrogance ignored our votes, our wishes, and our voices. I want to see them pay for that. I want us to make a statement for democracy, for women, and for voters everywhere. If the Democratic Party wants to silence our voices, I’m sure the Republicans will be very pleased to put this MOVEMENT on the news. Let’s do it!!

    p.s. How sick did it make you feel to watch Hillary looking so presidential knowing that she got sc***ed by her own party? I HATE the way they abused her and then used her for their own gain.

  36. clem greco Says:


  37. Greifreiter Says:

    Keep up the pressure. The only way that you and your group(s) are going to “reform” the democratic party is to kick out the crazies and the extreme left wingers like the Moveon.org types and George Soros. I rmember reading something after the 2006 elections by someone who was involved in Moveon,org that they had bought the democratic party and own it now. Until these people are kicked to the curb, there will be more of what has happened over the past week.

  38. Leela Savage Says:

    Great post, princessejen! You are spot on the money! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  39. katherine Says:

    I’m sorry I can’t contribute funds to this endeavor.
    Living off Social Security.

    But i AM contributing everything I can to keep the consciousnees raised amoung my fellow Dems.
    who are not blindly following the DNC’s nominee.

    I am only 1 small voice.
    But i join with my sisters and brothers to shout! in unison.
    NO DEAL not now – NOT NOVEMBER

  40. Barbara Says:

    I will be voting for John McCain! I agree that the convention was nothing but a sham!

    Repeat: No deal!

  41. Leah Says:

    You go girls! NO BO! This is beyond Hillary and Barack…we will NOT let the DNC tell us to sit down and shut up. Not now, not ever. The whole world needs to know that we will not tolerate a candidate who only knows how to manipulate the system and find the loop-holes in order to succeed. It may not be illegal, but it certainly is unethical. Who’d be proud of that accomplishment? BO, that’s who.

  42. Janice Outten Says:

    I am not nor ever will be a Democrat. Sorry folks, but the right to choose has gone too far for me. I also will never be a Republican, too much power to the powerful. On choice, you have always had a choice about getting pregnant in the first place in most cases. There are exceptions to that & there is where I say maybe. But some how people fail to recognize that every human is unique & with every abortion we have destroyed that unique human that can never be replicated. This is just to say why I cannot be a Democrat, but I do lean that way in all other things. I am also outraged at the conduct of the Democratic Party & the thugery that happened . I do not beleive this should be rewarded. More people, in order to save this great union, should start paying attention to what our “leaders” are doing and get some real patriots to lead us & our country. Now is the time, this is the place in history. Other countries suffer horribly in order to get Democracy. They are brutalized, murdered, etc. We need only to have the resolve & will in our unique society. God Bless the USA. Because this has all been about the Democratic party & it’s membership, I have not felt I had the power to do much. Some of you have become Independents as a result of this. Do you think this is the best way to bring about reform? The way I see it, if you remain a Democrat & work within your party to reform it that could be best? Or if there is enough Independents to start a whole new Party with great numbers, would that be best? I do not know the answer to that, but I think the people are crying out for Representation that is not so radical. I have looked at other Independent party’s and they are a bit too radical to me. I want to help, but I just don’t know how. I am also on SS & work part time to suppliment that. Could not live on it alone.

  43. princessejen Says:

    To All those trying to leave comments that still don’t understand why we won’t vote for Obama, I will direct you to another one of my posts.


  44. Steedeo Says:

    Message to Debra

    You can change your party to “independant” and write Hillary in. 45 states allow write-ins.

    Quiet frankly looking at politics the last few years, i.e.
    Bush lied and cheated to get into office seems to be the
    way things are going. Why? because we are becoming
    immoral. There is no respect, no morals, no manners, we
    are crumbling just like the Roman Empire. Every great civilization has it success and glory and then it falls. America will be no different. You think if you wait till 2012,
    you don’t think they will pull a fast one like they did this time? I am sorry we will not have a chance of getting Hillary in then either.

    We could file suit against the DNC for being absolutely corrupt. Why should we save a party who is rotten to the core. We should start a new party, one people can believe in a turn America around. Something has to be done.
    Any suggestions?

  45. luluhale Says:

    As a single parent, no child support, i picked myself up, dusted myself off and worked my rear off to support my son. He is 82nd Airborne, 2 tours of duty under his belt. He has the utmost respect for women. I don’t care if your a democrat or republican … this goes beyond everything. My heart goes out to Hillary. We have a woman that may very well be VP of the great USA. How awesome is this? My vote goes for Ms Palin. This is the most awesome thing for women. Yes, i’m an old women, grew up in the 70’s.

  46. Nancy of Arkansas Says:

    I have always been a democrat, came from a democratic family. But after President Clinton left office, I saw a change in the party. Especially when Dean took charge. I have switched my party to Independent, because I cannot stand the good-ol-boy stuff going on in the democratic party, the lies, the promises never meant to be kept, all just to get elected. This has been amazing to watch this year, this was a rigged primary and “coronation.” I would have voted for Hillary. Let’s vote McCain and show them they can’t get away with this!

  47. Janice Outten Says:

    St. Pete Times. Fl. Adam C Smith Political Editor. Aug. 24
    Did Sen. Hillary Clinton get bad news in Florida? Her demeanor & mood appeared to sour between the 2 press conferences she gave following speeches first at Flordia Atlantic University and later at the Kings Point condo community on Thursday.
    In the earlier press conference, Clinton was upbeat and spoke forcefully, with a quicker, more energetic cadence. She even blurted out a laugh, as a response to a question. During her later press conference, her eyes appeared sad and glossy, almost on the verge of tears. She spoke more slowly & plaintively and didn’t crack much of a smile.
    So what happened? Does she miss being the party’s star in a state that adores her? Or did she get word about Barack OBama’s veep pick?
    When asked in the earlier press conference whether Obama has enough experience she answered with a strong: “Absolutely …This election is one of those historic moments … I”m doing everything I can to campaign for Sen. Obama. ”
    Later in the day, Clinton’s answer was curt & defensive: “We are doing what the Obama campaign asked us to. I was asked to come here & I came. We have said we will do what we can and what we’re asked to do. That’s really in their hands as well.”

  48. jd Says:

    The tale of 2 Hillary’s….that was the day her dear friend and co-chair of her campaign, Stephanie Tubbs Jones died unexpectedly, so that would explain it.

  49. c j Says:

    This Sarah Palin can really start this going in the direction for a landslide for Hillary in 2012!Think about it she can WIN this for mccain this term by energizing all you wonderful ladies!I who am a male conservitive was very very disapointed to see how the dncc and the POCKET PONY MEDIA for obomber just through you under the bus , make that a heavy train , and went to aN underachived candidate!!!! I realize that Sarah was not your first choice but she WILL FIGHT FOR MOST CAUSES OF HER FELLOW WOMEN!!!Mccain will be in my opinion too old to run for a second term and the media being slanted towards the liberal would be primed for a liberal president!!!! This is where Hillary comes in , and VERY STRONG AT THAT!!!!

  50. Linda Says:

    I’m not a PUMA but am interested in your feelings. Glad to see you are sticking together. From that staged Denver convention, seems like Obama supported wanted to show to the world that all is forgotten and all are together. I loved one of the comments referring to his followers as “sheeple”. It’s really scary. I can’t even talk to friends of mine who support him, as if I bring up any question of exactly what are his past, accomplishments, they immediately bristle but I can never get a straight answer!

    I never was a Hillary supporter, but she was shafted for sure. Unbelievable. I surely thought she would pull something off at the convention at the end…but sadly no. \\\\

  51. cc.carson Says:

    I think mr. O nees 2 help his own brother and grandmother living in third world country before he can crusaider to us.How people are fooled by all mai stream of media and dnc. I need to run to run as far away as i can if they make mr. the ceo

  52. jane norman Says:

    here we go again with msnbc & cnn.
    they can say anything positive aobut Gov. palin just as they did with Hilary. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw
    however all these reaction is due a much of a concern that B.Obama don’t have an easy road to the whitehouse i think.

  53. jane norman Says:

    I mean they can’t say anything popsitive…………………..

  54. Mountain Sage Says:

    I’m doing a series of posts on my blog entitled Getting to know Sarah Palin.

    Mountain Sage

  55. c j Says:

    It seems that if you are a women you are automaticly not QUALIFIED , I am a male and would love to see a woman in the white house!!!Msnbc and cnn MUST be SEXIST OR or so it seems !! C’mon ladies get fired up , cause if a man like me will support you then there must be MANY , MANY more!!!! Men have been running our white house exclusivly and this is really sad!!! American women FINALLY have a chance to get a foot in the door and the OBAMAS and the WHITE HAIRED BIDENS came right out and BASHED Sarah Palin even knowing that they knew nothing about her!!!!!This really opened my eyes to the SEXISIM problems with our upper government!!!!!! I have the most respect for our women in our country and I mean that from my heart !!!! So please for your sake as OUR wives , mothers , and most of my friends , GET ACTIVATED AND SUPPORT THIS TICKET!!!! I like many across this country saw how Hillary was osterized by the DRIVE BY media ( msnbc, cnn, abc and don’t forget n.y. times!!!!) TO get your way you need to hit them all in the pockets , CALL THEIR SPONSERS CALL THEIR SPONSERS CALL THEIR SPONSERS this ALWAYS works !!!!! SHAME ON THE WOMEN THAT WORK FOR THESE ORGANIZATIONS !!!!!It saddens me to see the UNFAIRNESS!!!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT ALL THE PRODUCTS , send a message if not for you but for me!!!!!I am proud of my FEMALE counterparts and will support you through this mission!!!!!WOMEN ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE WORLD ,and don’t ever let any say different!!!!!! You ladies of the USA have a moment of power here and can make this a BIG game changer!!!!

  56. c j Says:

    BOYCOTT THEM , all you have to do is watch the COMMERCIALS call them , e-mail them ,show the people of america how much power that you have!!!!I am sorry that I am ranting , but this has got to STOP!!! This truly hurts my heart to see this unequal behavior!!!!! Do it right now!!!don’t wait one more minute!!!! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!!!!! , It really is easy!!!

  57. princessejen Says:

    I’m glad I don’t watch much TV in general. 😉

  58. Penelope Says:

    When I came home on Wednesday, I went right to the TV only to find that not only had I missed the roll call but that it was all a sham anyway. Sitting there stunned, a blurb came up on the bottom of the screen noting other women who had run in previous elections and what their delegate votes had been.
    That is when it really hit me. There will never be a footnote stating that Hilliary Clinton received 1,896 delegate votes at the 2008 convention. I realized that this historical accomplishment representing such an important moment in time was erased by the party I had stood by for so many years.


  59. Username Says:

    I would like to know why women that are called “Reagan Democrats” have never been criticized for voting for Republicans in the past. They are called REAGAN Democrats, meaning they voted for Reagan,Bill Clinton twice, and George Bush twice(some did). In fact polls show 1 in every 5 female Clinton supporter voted for Bush in 2004! Those Republicans were MEN, but they were also pro-life! Why was it ok when they did that, but now to support McCain/Palin means they are traitors to women! Many of these “Reagan” democratic women are more conservative on social issues anyway, I am! This seems like an obvious sexist double standard that liberals have. It’s swell if you vote Republican sometimes, just not a female Republican! Some Republicans will be voting for Barack Obama even though they are pro-life and view abortion as MURDER! No one says they are selling out their values or anything like that! Oh no, they are enlightened! I also find it incredibly insulting that Democrats want to basically laugh at the pick of Sarah Palin, saying she doesn’t have enough experience to be Vice President! That’s rich considering she has much MORE than Barack Obama who’s possibly about to be President! They are being incredibly insulting! I think John McCain’s pick has exposed the democratic hypocrisy of equality. You know their motto: ” do as we say,not as we do”! Palin has executive experience. I know a lot of people are quick to undermine her because Alaska is so small (little under a million people). At least she has run something! Has Barack Obama ever run anything other than his mouth? Obama has only been on the National stage 3 and half years, and at least two of those he’s been busy running for President! I would like to know form Democrats one more time, why she’s a bad choice? If you disagree with her ideaology that’s fine, but I wish they would quit shoving Roe v Wade down my throat! I don’t believe a supreme court of ALL conservatives would ever overturn it! McCain/Palin08″Reforming Washington”!

  60. Username Says:

    Akron Armani ,
    Ha ha that’s funny. Obama referred me too!

  61. Username Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This should all be embarrassing for the Democrats! Meanwhile, all they can do is LAUGH at Sarah Palin! I could understand them attacking her on ISSUES, but they attack her experience which is far more than Obama has! She’s the only candidate on either ticket to have EXECUTIVE experience, and they make fun of it! They think she’s a joke and Obama is the messiah, now that’s a joke! Not to mention, she has actually taken on corruption and defeated it. Plus, she has stood up to her own party countless times and worked across party lines countless times. She appointed Democrats and Independents in her administration.Plus, McCain is almost a Democrat and he just put a female Republican on his ticket, how much more bipartisan do they want? Not to mention she’s a total Washington OUTSIDER! They are just upset she has MORE experience than Obama and has lived his message of CHANGE! So, there’s nothing left for them to do other than SMEAR her! It is rich to watch CNN and MSNBC (I usually don’t) attack her record acting scared of putting an under-qualified VP in the White House. Apparently it’s an important scary job when your a woman, but a man can be a great born leader! They are sssoooo concerned if she’ll be ready on day one, and poor John McCain, they’ve already buried him it seems! The way they talk he’s already dead! Where was all this scrutiny of Obama’s experience when he ran against Hillary? Oh that’s right you didn’t need experience then, this was an election about CHANGE! They all make me so sick!

  62. Username Says:

    I know like the Democrats are poor! I also loved it when they asked Mitt Romney how many houses he owned and he said,” one less than John Kerry, that would be four”! HAHA Did anyone see when McCain was introducing Sarah Palin on MSNBC they had a “BREAKING” NEWS ALERT that read, “how many houses does Sarah Palin add to the ticket?”!!! She really is a working class person who can relate to the people, so it was stupid and rude! Someone needs to ask Al Gore why he thinks we are in impending doom and his house consumes the energy of 252 regular homes, that’s probably more than all McCain’s put together, lol. To be fair when they outed him about this he did a green overhaul on his house, IT NOW CONSUMES 10% MORE!!! I used to love Al Gore, but I have quit drinking that kool-aid too! I still love the message, just not the messenger! That’s my humble opinion, hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  63. c j Says:

    I have been adding my opinion several times now about the female race , like I said before!! What we on this site are talking about only really stays on this site , YOU ALL NEED TO TAKE THE CAUSE TO ALL YOUR OTHER BLOGS , WEB PAGES OF CNN , MSNBC , NY TIMES ,etc, etc!!!Women were born leaders right from the start if you think about it!!!! They mature faster the men ,they start and hold more responsible relationships , and end up raising our children when the men simply leave to find themselves!!!!I am a male as I have said before but can honesly tell you that not making your VOICES heard elsewhere simply will die on the vine !!! Do you women really know how much BUYING POWER you have????? Tell all your friends , co-workers , people that you meet , SPONSERS OF ALL YOU CAN REACH OUT TO , t.v. stations , news medias , day time programs ,,etc , etc !!! 1. Tell ALL bloggers on P.U.M.A what I am saying !!!! If you don’t ACTIVATE in strong steps the cause will simply go UN-NOTICED!!! The other side of these issues will simply try to discredit once again as Whinners!! YOU ARE NOT WHINNERS , You are the backbone of mens society!!!The first thing that men say when receiving praise is … I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT MY WIFE!!!! I am also shocked to see how men age as GRACEFULL and women are SHOVED OUT THE DOOR when they get older!!!!!! Lets face it not many men go out and get facelifts to compete at news stations Right Barbara Walters?????? I am not trying to anger anyone , but lets come to terms about how UNFAIR these standards are!!!!! So contact as many blogs as you can and CALL , E-MAIL ,BLOG , at the ones who fund these UNFAIRNESSES CNN , MSNBC , NY TIMES , HUFFINGTON POST ,AND ANY SLANTED PUBLCATIONS!!!! Remember when you hit them in the POCKETBOOKS they don’t like it!!!!! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT , and start right now!!!!

  64. c j Says:

    The guilty pleasure I miss most when I’m out slogging on the campaign trail is the chance to sprawl on the chaise and watch a vacuously spunky and generically sassy chick flick.

    So imagine my delight, my absolute astonishment, when the hokey chick flick came out on the trail, a Cinderella story so preposterous it’s hard to believe it’s not premiering on Lifetime. Instead of going home and watching “Miss Congeniality” with Sandra Bullock, I get to stay here and watch “Miss Congeniality” with Sarah Palin.

    Sheer heaven.

    It’s easy to see where this movie is going. It begins, of course, with a cute, cool unknown from Alaska who has never even been on “Meet the Press” triumphing over a cute, cool unknowable from Hawaii who has been on “Meet the Press” a lot.

    Americans, suspicious that the Obamas have benefited from affirmative action without being properly grateful, and skeptical that Michelle really likes “The Brady Bunch” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” reject the 47-year-old black contender as too uppity and untested.

    Instead, they embrace 72-year-old John McCain and 44-year-old Sarah Palin, whose average age is 58, a mere two years older than the average age of the Obama-Biden ticket. Enthusiastic Republicans don’t see the choice of Palin as affirmative action, despite her thin résumé and gaping absence of foreign policy knowledge, because they expect Republicans to put an underqualified “babe,” as Rush Limbaugh calls her, on the ticket. They have a tradition of nominating fun, bantamweight cheerleaders from the West, like the previous Miss Congeniality types Dan Quayle and W., and then letting them learn on the job. So they crash into the globe a few times while they’re learning to drive, what’s the big deal?

    Obama may have been president of The Harvard Law Review, but Palin graduated from the University of Idaho with a minor in poli-sci and worked briefly as a TV sports reporter. And she was tougher on the basketball court than the ethereal Obama, earning the nickname “Sarah Barracuda.”

    The legacy of Geraldine Ferraro was supposed to be that no one would ever go on a blind date with history again. But that crazy maverick and gambler McCain does it, and conservatives and evangelicals rally around him in admiration of his refreshingly cynical choice of Sarah, an evangelical Protestant and anti-abortion crusader who became a hero when she decided to have her baby, who has Down syndrome, and when she urged schools to debate creationism as well as that stuffy old evolution thing.

    Palinistas, as they are called, love Sarah’s spunky, relentlessly quirky “Northern Exposure” story from being a Miss Alaska runner-up, and winning Miss Congeniality, to being mayor and hockey mom in Wasilla, a rural Alaskan town of 6,715, to being governor for two years to being the first woman ever to run on a national Republican ticket. (Why do men only pick women as running mates when they need a Hail Mary pass? It’s a little insulting.)

    Sarah is a zealot, but she’s a fun zealot. She has a beehive and sexy shoes, and the day she’s named she goes shopping with McCain in Ohio for a cheerleader outfit for her daughter.

    As she once told Vogue, she’s learned the hard way to deal with press comments about her looks. “I wish they’d stick with the issues instead of discussing my black go-go boots,” she said. “A reporter once asked me about it during the campaign, and I assured him I was trying to be as frumpy as I could by wearing my hair on top of my head and these schoolmarm glasses.”

    This chick flick, naturally, features a wild stroke of fate, when the two-year governor of an oversized igloo becomes commander in chief after the president-elect chokes on a pretzel on day one.

    The movie ends with the former beauty queen shaking out her pinned-up hair, taking off her glasses, slipping on ruby red peep-toe platform heels that reveal a pink French-style pedicure, and facing down Vladimir Putin in an island in the Bering Strait. Putting away her breast pump, she points her rifle and informs him frostily that she has some expertise in Russia because it’s close to Alaska. “Back off, Commie dude,” she says. “I’m a much better shot than Cheney.”

    Then she takes off in her seaplane and lands on the White House lawn, near the new ice fishing hole and hockey rink. The “First Dude,” as she calls the hunky Eskimo in the East Wing, waits on his snowmobile with the kids — Track (named after high school track meets), Bristol (after Bristol Bay where they did commercial fishing), Willow (after a community in Alaska), Piper (just a cool name) and Trig (Norse for “strength.”)

    “The P.T.A. is great preparation for dealing with the K.G.B.,” President Palin murmurs to Todd, as they kiss in the final scene while she changes Trig’s diaper. “Now that Georgia’s safe, how ’bout I cook you up some caribou hot dogs and moose stew for dinner, babe?”
    (this is what is being said about a women just like yourselves!!!!!!!) If you want RESPECT for females across america E-MAIL MOREEN DODD AT N.Y.TIMES tell her how you feel about this BASHING of females!!!!!

  65. c j Says:

    I posted this article above cause it made me mad to see her have NO RESPECT for her kind!!! With women running around with these attitudes when will respect EVER come your way!!!! Maureen SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! I bet your male counter parts get more $$$$$ for their articles , yet you are willing to BASH your own kind!!! Makes me wonder , ARE YOU A REAL WOMAN???????? Prob. not!!!

  66. c j Says:

    Maureen Dowd, winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary, became a columnist on The New York Times Op-Ed page in 1995.
    Columnist Biography
    Send an E-Mail to Maureen Dowd ( boycott This lady and all her sponsers!!!!!) N.Y. TIMES supports a SEXIST commentry columnist!!!!! Open up a ny times paper or web page and CALL THEIR SPONSERS!!!!! Hit them in their pockets ladies!!! I guess she does not LIKE HER OWN KIND!!!

  67. c j Says:

    Please send these articles to other bloggers

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