A Rebel Until The End Of Time

Let’s get a few things straight. I refuse to believe America is stupid enough to elect an unaccomplished fraud who most likely isn’t eligible to run. There is NO WAY Obama won fairly. He couldn’t win the primary without cheating so he certainly didn’t go without it during the GE. No, it seems ACORN did their job of fraudulently registering new voters for Obama and his supporters (like the Black Panthers) did their job of intimidating voters.  The numbers just don’t add up. Not only him winning certain states but by how much he won them. None of it makes sense if you believe these are true votes. I can assure you they are NOT.

Secondly, many now might be willing to give Obama the benefit of a doubt. I will do no such thing. Trust me I WISH I was wrong about him but I fear that I am correct. He will be the last world Dictator. He will run this country in a -don’t ask questions- communistic style.  There will be “truth squads” in every state, your rights will be taken away and you will HAVE to listen to whatever he has to say.

So what do we do? We can lay down like sheep or we can still let them know how much we disapprove. Frankly, we do the only thing we can do, rebel. It ain’t official until inauguration and even when that happens I will NOT accept Obama as my president.  This will be my oath to challenge this authority until my last days.  If you are feeling the same way I suggest you take the same oath to never support or acknowledge Obama as your president. You don’t accept phonies and frauds as your president.  This is not the time for moping. Even while the crazy Obama supporters are celebrating we will hold our heads up high and carry on trying to make America better. Frankly, the only good out of an Obama presidency is that it’s the only way to prove the Obama supporters wrong. I know some of you are angry, sad and truly scared. I won’t lie, you should be scared but don’t let fear stop you from fighting.  Also, if you are someone of religious faith like me you know the importance of keeping that faith. Some battles you are meant to fight, others you are not. So even if you take on this fight, don’t let it consume you. Do what you can but live like there is no tomorrow.

I suggest since there is some time before the inauguration that you take a little break from politics. Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy your loved ones. Enjoy everything about America that you love because things won’t be the same. Obama promised change and that is what we will get. Just not in a good way.  I plan on signing off today, get ready for work and try to have a good day. I suggest you do the same. 😉