Maybe Change Isn’t Such A Bad Thing.

No, no not Obama’s kind of change. That is about as useful as a Canadian dollar in a local McDonald’s. No, I’m talking about a change in subject matter here and in everything else I do. Since politics has gone all to hell (and the world right along with it) I find it’s time for me to concentrate on things that actually make me happy. I still know Obama was never the right man for the job so the best way I know how to rid myself of him is to ignore his existence. I seemed to have done it well during the Bush years. Don’t get me wrong, I will try to inform and better the world as best as I know how. But I’m taking a well deserved break from politics since it took over my life over a year ago. I have abandon other things and people in my life because of this political season and I certainly won’t let that happen anymore. I suggest taking time out this holiday season and enjoy the things you love in life… because we don’t know how long those things will stay around.


One Response to “Maybe Change Isn’t Such A Bad Thing.”

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