Evolution. You mean people actually believe this crap?!

Ah, Evolution. A never ending argument. For those of you who don’t know the theory of Evolution is more than just man came from apes bs. No, it’s much crazier than that. This video explains  that and how SCIENTIFICALLY the theory of Evolution doesn’t add up. For the life of me I can’t understand why people who believe all living things came from rock  find Divine Creation more magical. They choose to believe we came out of nowhere with no meaning rather than believing we have a purpose and an Architect. It’s really a sad theory.



5 Responses to “Evolution. You mean people actually believe this crap?!”

  1. Garrett Oden Says:

    Man I wish there were more people like you!
    Keep spreading the word!

    God bless,
    Garrett Oden

  2. Freelance Minion Says:

    Oh priceless, now you are attacking evolution in addition to everything else. So I suppose you also do not believe in gravity, the electromagnetic spectrum or germs, after all they are just theories.

    First lesson, science refers to all of its most firmly held beliefs as theories since new evidence could always change our thinking about them. That doesn’t mean scientists don’t consider them essentially facts. Its not like evolution is just a crazy idea a few people conspired to push, every line of serious scientific finding confirms it. From nuclear physics and astronomy to DNA and even those germs (you have to get a new flu shot every year because the germs EVOLVE, although more quickly than dinosaurs took to become birds).

    I love telliong my kids stories about Adam and Eve and Noah but those are allegories. We don’t have evidence in all of our DNA the way we do for evolution.

  3. princessejen Says:

    That’s different. Even people who believe in Divine Creation know that certain animals have had to change. They’ve had to adjust to things like climate/terrain and defense against predators. That’s understandable. Even the Bible talks about small changes like the different species of dogs. But BIG changes (i.e. like monkies turning into humans) is NOT something we as humans have observed. The difference is with small changes is that evuolution in science books will teach you that the small changes happened naturally while there are those of us who believe they were DESIGNED to change.

  4. Freelance Minion Says:

    Look, I have a philosophy that God, or some higher power, was in there pushing and tweaking things. But scientifically I have to admit it looks like stuff just happened according to natural laws, and it did so over a LONG period of time. You can put God into your view of the events if you want, but it didn’t happen exactly like it said in certain books of religious dogma. I know the Pope is gathering scientists to talk about the ways evolutionary science and Christianity can co-exist, or maybe you don’t care for his viewpoint. To limit yourself to one view that flies in the face of demonstrable facts doesn’t do justice to God.

    Also, you need to read up on the theory anyway, it doesn’t say monkeys turned into humans.

  5. princessejen Says:

    No, I don’t really care want the Pope has to say because I’m not Catholic and don’t look to him for answers.

    And it does say that monkeys turned into humans. Human evolution or “anthropogenesis” believes in the emergence of Homo sapiens from great apes. I guess you’ve never seen that photo of the monkey slowly turning into a man that can be found in many biology books.

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