Swine Flu: People Just Aren’t Buying It

Yes after months of the media shoving the H1N1 shot down our throats, the truth comes out.  It was all “exaggerated”.  WHO scientist Ulrich Keil stated “It [swine flu] produced a lot of turmoil in the pubic and was completely exaggerated in contrast with all the really important matters we have to deal with in public health.” You can find the article to that story HERE.

People were fed this lie for the purpose of getting a poisonous vaccine that has ranked up a body count on its own.  I have good news though. Even though many people have gotten the vaccine “cure” there are still many who have not and will not get it. It’s a good day when people stop trusting the main stream media propaganda.  I was visiting the Bloomberg School of Public Health website and I noticed an interesting poll(seen left).  “Has the spread of H1N1 encouraged you to your personal preparedness plan?” Out of about 1200 votes almost 800 of them said “No”. People aren’t buying the lies! We should rejoice that many are waking up in this world. The sooner the better.


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