Colorado Shootings Staged For Gun Control?

It was inevitable. Within hours of the Colorado shooting at a screening of Batman Dark Knight Rises the liberals were running around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming that we need more gun control. Of course the opposite is true.The area in which the event occurred already has the strictest gun control laws in the entire state of Colorado. The movie theatre in which the events occurred was considered a “gun free zone”. Notice how those laws don’t keep crazy people from bring guns and using them. It just makes innocent people more defenseless. There is already speculation that this event was staged just as the government is trying to pass a UN gun ban. Also many of the details about the event contradict adding to the speculation.

While our prayers are out to the families, this should not be used to take away peoples 2nd amendment rights. If people would’ve  been allowed to have concealed carry-ons, less people would have died. It is statistically proven that places that don’t have stick gun control laws have fewer crimes. If you take the guns away things like this are going to happen more often.


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