Shroud of Turin Revisited

It seems the Shroud of Turin has gained popularity these days. For those of you who don’t know what the Shroud is, it is believed to be the burial cloth of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). About twenty years ago it had been dismissed as a fake due to a Carbon 14 test that dated it to the 1300’s.  However with the advancement of science, other techniques have given us contradictory results  which has made experts question the accuracy of the Carbon 14 test altogether. Some of you might remember the History Channel’s special called “The Real Face of Jesus?” in which a team try to digitally reconstruct the face of Jesus using the Shroud of Turin. Since then there have been other documentaries that have gone even farther into the science of trying to figure out the authenticity of the Shroud. Below I have posted 2 videos which are the first parts of the separate documentaries. One called “The Gospel of the Shroud” and the other “New Science Now Proves Jesus Christ”.  I strongly encourage you to watch all parts.



The Real Face of Jesus?

It was something I thought I’d never see on the History channel. A relatively unbiased documentary of graphic artists creating a 3D portrait of Jesus using the Shroud of Turin. For those of you who don’t know what the Shroud of Turin is, it’s a fabric with a body outline and face of a man embedded on it. It is believed to  many to be the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in after he was crucified. The Shroud, of course, is very controversial. Many claim that it’s not authentic and it was created. However in this documentary you find that the Shroud has gone through thousands of tests and scientists still can’t figure out how the image got there. I myself am not sure if it’s the real McCoy but I do find it to be very interesting and puzzling.  Graphic experts lead by Ray Downing spent 6 months to bring Jesus’ face to life. Is it accurate? Who knows? For me, the fact that anyone would even care to do it is an amazement. For those of you who missed the unveiling I have created a video for you.