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Merry Christmas


Review of Disney’s “A Christmas Carol”

First, it’s probably a good idea not to walk into the movie theatre with the notion that this is some “Disneyfied” version of the Christmas Carol.  It is anything but. This is a true-to-novel movie. Which in some ways was astonishing. Now before I watched this movie I read many reviews most with the same caution that this is a bit scary. Personally, as a desensitized twenty-something myself, I thought I’d surely seen scarier things in my day. I thought I probably wouldn’t even flinch. Well…that wasn’t the case. It was certainly a lot scarier than I would have expecting from a Disney movie. The 3D didn’t make those scary scenes any more comfortable either.  Some things I was really shocked to see. What was even more shocking was that with all the warnings about this is not a kids movie, there were many young children in the audience.  I have read that some parents were upset with Disney for it being less child friendly. But isn’t that true to the story? Isn’t Dickens novel suppose to be scary enough to make a retched person think twice about their life? Even though I sat there shocked and a little scared, I knew it was necessary. This is that age-old lesson that what you do in life echos in eternity.  As a Christian I believe this notion to be true. Also as a Christian was very pleased with the music selection in this movie. I can’t tell you how moved I was hearing “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” while flying around London and stopping to see a crucifix on top of a Church for all eyes to see. And even with all the scary stuff, the ending makes the journey worth it.  I ended up loving this movie so much that I just might take the journey again.