His Princess Ministries Sheri Rose Shepherd

Some of you who have visited my blog probably have noticed my advertising “His Princess” Christian reading series.  If you don’t know who the creator of His Princess Ministries is, it’s Sheri Rose Shepherd. Sheri is a Jewish woman who use to be over weight and had a drug addiction. Then she went on to win a beauty pageant and had an eating disorder.  Through all that she managed to find Christ and get her life together.  In her “His Princess” book series she helps women be more comfortable with themselves and more open about who they are in Christ. She wants women to stand up and be the warrior God called them to be for His kingdom. Her new book “His Princess Warrior” will be out next month March 15th. Recently she uploaded a few videos to her YouTube account from a recent conference. I hope you will take time to watch and spread her books to any woman you think needs encouragement. God Bless.



The Greatest Gift Of Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching I wanted to share my new video with you. This is to remind people (or to let people know) of the greatest show of love in human history. Jesus died for us. Because of His love, and we except him, we are saved.