Never Let A False Prophet Go To Waste

Well, it’s May 22, 2011. We’re all still here and Harold Camping is nowhere to be found.  This was fairly predictable. Now if you listened to the MSM you’d probably be under the impression that most Christians believed they were going to be beamed up yesterday. This of course is not so. Most Christians believed the false prophet was uttering complete nonsense as no one knows the day nor the hour before the Father has revealed it. However the media would hate to waste a golden opportunity to lump all Christians together with the fringe nut Camping. While you’re tuning in today you’ll see the pundits mocking not only Camping but Christianity altogether.  The Atheists certainly aren’t going to miss the opportunity to spread their own version of evangelizing. They’re planning a summit to spread secularism because of the failed prophecy. Read the article here.

I hope Harold Camping (where ever he might be) realizes the damage he has done. People who wrongly put their faith in him might end up losing their faith altogether. He should be ashamed of himself for misleading people yet again. I pray that people will see through these kinds of false teachings and go to God Himself for the answers. Answers you won’t find from Camping nor your TV screen.