So-Called “Christians” Boo Ron Paul For Applying The Golden Rule

Quick, someone call David Jeremiah. He needs a new addition of “I Never Thought I’d See The Day”. Christians are now booing the Golden Rule.  If you happened to have caught the recent South Carolina debate you probably witnessed the most embarrassing and backwards display of “Christian” love you’ve ever seen.  When speaking of foreign policy Ron Paul asserted we should use the Golden Rule (you know, do unto others what you would have them do to you) and he got booed by a supposed “Christian” Conservative crowd. My heart sank. What was Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich’s response? “Kill ’em!”  Which ended up getting a standing ovation. Because obviously that’s what Jesus would do!

I hope there were other Christians who watched in horror as I did to the blood thirsty display. It amazes me how many people who claim to know Jesus but don’t really know Him at all.  They claim to follow Jesus but when they actually come across a person who wants to apply His teachings, they consider that person crazy! They are nothing but Pharisees. They’ll take Barabbas over Jesus. If you’re a true Christian you should be squirming at this hideous display. Many people who watched that debate will now believe that all Conservative  Christians want is death.  When Jesus spoke of loving your neighbor there were no exceptions. Yes, even if they hate you, even if they are Muslim, you are still to love them. It is love that brings people to Jesus not bombs. Wake up Christendom. The Lord is certainly not pleased.