Planned Parenthood Caught In Another Pickle – No Mammograms

Yes, yet again Planned Parenthood has been caught with their pants down. During a recent round of publicity interviews, in the wake of fear of defunding, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards was touting other services the organization supposedly offers. One of them being mammograms. What’s the problem with that? Apparently, Planned Parenthood does NOT offer mammograms.

Today Live Action (the organization famous for catching Planned Parenthood in scandals) released a video today (below) of a new investigation. Numerous Planned Parenthood clinics in various states were called by a Live Action worker. The woman called merely seeking a mammogram only to find that none of the Planned Parenthoods offered any such thing.  So now it looks as though Planned Parenthood is caught trying to receive tax payer funding for services they don’t provide. Watch the video below.


Now the first comments from the pro Planned Parenthood group suggested Cecile just had a slip of the tongue. If only that were true. Planned Parenthood’s own website claims to offer mammograms as well.

Now if Planned Parenthood happens to delete that out of their site, I have a screen cap I can post.

With this new information regarding Planned Parenthood’s lack of breast cancer services, this begs an obvious question. Will the Susan G. Koman foundation stop giving money to Planned Parenthood? We shall see.