I’m Sorry, Did You Think We Were Going Somewhere?

To all of those who thought P.U.M.A. would drop off the face of the Earth after the Convention, I hate to burst your bubble but we’re not going anywhere. After that sham of a convention we are now more determined than ever. Having a fixed convention were Obama was just handed delegates he didn’t earn (that in no way reflected the votes of the people) especially in states he didn’t win is not going to cut it.  Did they really think they could get away with this? That we would just be happy that Hillary wasn’t given the legitimate roll call she DESERVED? Certainly not. The whole thing was sickening to watch.  This wasn’t America this was like an election in a 3rd world country.  And knowing that delegates were being intimidated from voting for Hillary didn’t help either. The biggest surprise was Arkansas. What happened there? Bill Gwatney signed a document the day before he was shot to give Hillary Clinton ALL the delegates from that state at the convention. That’s what his wife was suppose to do. Yet I sat and watched her announce that Arkansas was going to give ALL their delegates to Obama. As I watched her I noticed she didn’t’ look very happy and a bit nervous.  It was obviously something she didn’t want to do. Just like many delegates who cast a vote for Obama. Don’t let what you saw on TV fool you. The love fest for Obama was all for show. They were trying to make him look good. Behind the scenes people were angry.  No this fake roll call was the last straw. Our mission now is to make sure the Democratic Party is not rewarded for this treachery. Stealing votes, silencing voices and selecting a nominee doesn’t earn our votes. We will take back our party, restore Democracy and we will make sure Obama will not be president.


“We Will Not Be Silenced”- Another Video Documentary on Caucus Fraud

30 minute documentary preview.