Subliminals In Comic Books (Ms. Marvel Example)

Subliminals are all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes. While looking for some in the comic book world I cam upon a Ms. Marvel picture (left) that features three different outfits of hers. All of which contained occult symbolism. I was curious as to how the drawers of Ms. Marvel came to use these symbols to represent her. I have made a new video examining each costume on the picture. Did they really mean for it to be occultist? Who knows? But it sure is interesting.



Peter Joseph seems to have a mission. A mission to destroy the faith of Christians everywhere.  With his movie “Zeitgeist”, he makes bold claims about the Christian faith and makes comparisons between the stories of the Bible and pagan religions. Apparently, Mr. Joseph isn’t as well-educated as he would like others to assume. He makes random comparisons without documentation and plainly just makes up his own facts.  Thankfully, there are those who do know the facts and have come forth to refute the claims made by Mr. Joseph.  The entire part of the movie that deals with the story of Jesus has been refuted and made into a documentary.   I will post the first video of 12. For more info go to:

Something those of you should be aware of about Satan. He wants to be God but he can’t. So what does he do? He likes to copy things God does and twists them into his liking. So it makes sense that there would be similar stories of the Bible being spread throughout the world.  When you watch this documentary you are given some insight that the discovery of those other stories do not pre-date Christ.  They actually arose later than previously thought.

The Baby That Changed Everything

Merry Christmas

Intelligence VS. Greenpeace

I was delighted to come across this wonderful video. As the Copenhagen summit is winding down (aka the SCAM meeting to create a world governance) it is nice to know there are still people around with knowledge and common sense. This video is of Lord Monckton basically owning a Greenpeace worker on “climate change”.  Enjoy!

Should Christians Fear Carbs?

First I’d like to start off by saying this is not a blog solely for Christians. This is for anyone that has dreaded carbs at some point in their life. Being a Christian myself I felt compelled to target them since they should know the word of God aka……the Bible.

                We remember the trendy fad right? Remember all the “low-carb” (or “no-carb”) diets that had everyone getting on the band wagon? Food companies were certainly onboard as they pummeled us with the “low-carb” label on just about anything we could buy.  Though some of the hysteria has worn down, there are still people who are fearful of the C word. Personally, I thought everyone was being foolish.  America was looking at carbohydrates like public enemy number one and for what? Does the Bible have any answers on this? Yes.  Are carbs really all that bad? Apparently, no. 

                The reason this topic is in my mind now is because recently I was reading an article called “5 Foods You Should Never Ditch When You Diet”. You can read that article HERE. Now can anyone guess what the number one food you should never ditch was? If you guessed bread, you are correct.  That’s right, the evil incarnate itself, bread, is apparently a good thing. Who would’ve thought?  The reason bread is a good choice is because it has…..wait for it……wait for it……CARBOHYDRATES!  Carbohydrates apparently boost brain chemicals (i.e. serotonin) that curb your appetite.  You feel happier and more satisfied. This is also the reason pasta was the number two food you shouldn’t ditch on a diet. Interesting, isn’t it? Oh what would the carb Nazis say about this?

                Now the fact carbs curb your appetite might sound great to dieters, but it has also been a great asset to people throughout history struggling economically. Certain high carb foods like bread, pasta and rice were used as “fillers” in meals. This was a handy thing especially when you had a lot of mouths to feed. My mother for example, she can only eat beef stew over rice. Why? She was one of 9 children and that’s how they ate it. A little bit of beef stew (which was good for portion control of meat) and quite a bit of rice. They made food go along way with this method.

                Sticking with bread as our carb of choice, let’s talk about other nutritional values of this wonderful food. No I’m not talking about that lifeless white bread that towers every supermarket shelf. That should be avoided like the plague! I’m talking about real bread. You know the kind with actual grains.  The right kinds of white and brown breads can be a very good source of vitamin B (1, 2 and 3), dietary fiber and protein.  Rye bread usually has more fiber than your common types of bread.  Why is bread the enemy again? It isn’t really. That’s why we’ve been eating it since we can remember. Bread is as culturally diverse as we are. It’s a staple of life. We humans have been making bread ever since we learned how to make anything at all.  

                Speaking of rich history (and getting to the title topic), what does the Bible have to say about bread? I’m saddened to say that even Christians forgot the importance of bread in the Bible and fell for the publicized deception. When in doubt, consult the Bible. Do you know how many times the Bible mentions bread? I can tell you….a LOT.  Jesus Himself was referred to as the “bread of life” (John 6:48).  We remember other bread quotes don’t we? “Give us today our daily bread” (Mat 6:11) and “Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish” (John 21:13). Yes all those verses are coming back to you now. I mean, who could forget Jesus’ “breaking the bread”? (pictured on left) Well, if bread is worth mentioning in the Bible it should be worthy enough to eat, right?  It seems a bit devious for someone to create a false carb pandemic when the word of God clearly shows the importance of bread in our lives.  So I hope those of you reading this will rethink your standoff with carbs and enjoy. Have your holiday dinner rolls and eat them too. Merry Christmas!

Scientology & Satanism

Most people think of “crazy” when we hear “Scientologists” but how many of us relate them to Satanism. Well, there is a solid connection of the two that you might be surprised to learn. Basically, Scientology is Satanism with a new name. This video from Good Fight Ministries shows you the connection. Get informed and pass it along.

December 25th: Is It Really Jesus’ Birthday.

Most Christians are well aware that the December 25th date was chosen to be the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth. No one actually knows the exact date of His birth. We are also aware that this date was chosen to coincide with the pagan celebration Winter Solstice. This was done in hopes of converting the pagans. Since there is a paganism connection with this date, there are people (even Christians) who think we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas on this day. What they don’t know is that this date holds a richer significance and that it is an appropriate day to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Personally, I wouldn’t want to image the cold and dark winter season with out this spirit lifting celebration to remind me of the warmth and light of Jesus. Here is a video explaining  the other historical reasons we celebrate Christmas on December 25th.