Legion EXPOSED: Hollywood’s War on God

The movie “Legion” that is due out in theatres later this month, is a blasphemous version of Revelations. This video examines how this movie twists the subject and makes God look like the enemy. Don’t think that this is “just a movie.” Everything Hollywood does is meant to effluence us. Don’t take it so lightly.


Subliminals In Comic Books (Ms. Marvel Example)

Subliminals are all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes. While looking for some in the comic book world I cam upon a Ms. Marvel picture (left) that features three different outfits of hers. All of which contained occult symbolism. I was curious as to how the drawers of Ms. Marvel came to use these symbols to represent her. I have made a new video examining each costume on the picture. Did they really mean for it to be occultist? Who knows? But it sure is interesting.

Star of David Exposé (Occult In Your Living Room)


This video is an excerpt from the DVD “Occult In Your Living Room”. Stephen Dollins is a born again Christian and former high priest of the Church of Satan. Here he explains the true origins of the “Star of David”.

Two Videos That Just Might Change Your Life.

You know, even as Christians we can go through our whole lives not seeing the subliminal messages all around us. We have been so desensitized that we can’t even see  Satan’s work that’s right in front of our eyes. I have found two videos recently that have been a real eye opener.  The first is called “The Occult in Your Livingroom”. This video is by former high priest of the Church of Satan, Stephen Dollins.  In this video Stephen talks about the events in his life that led him to Satan, how he was led to the Lord and how many things that enter our homes have occult connections. Some of the things in this video I was aware of, some I was not. Symbols for example. I knew the “peace sign” was really an inverted cross but how many of you knew that the “Star of David” isn’t what it seems and the biohazard logo has witchcraft origin? This video is very informative on many other symbols and other subjects like TV shows.  I couldn’t possible explain in this blog all of the interesting material in this video. I suggest watching it in its entirety.  It has been uploaded onto YouTube so I will post the first video in hopes you will watch the rest.

The next video that is a real eye opener is  the “Hollywood Unmasked” documentary. It does tie into the previous video I’ve mentioned about how Satan enters into our lives and homes and we sometimes don’t know.  This documentary talks about how Satan uses film to get his messages out to the public. The beginning of this documentary talks about how many of the old Hollywood stars actually were Satanists and how they would call upon “spirits” to help them with their performances. This is very telling. How many times do we hear actors using the term “channeling” when talking about how they did such a great performance? We’ve heard it so often that we don’t even think anything of it.  Then it takes a documentary like this to make us say; “Oh wait, are they really channeling something?”  Again, I found this video on YouTube but you can actually buys this one from http://www.goodfight.org/  I will again post the first video in hopes you will watch the rest. I think if you watch these two videos in their entirety you will be awakened and will to share these videos with others.